One of the major objectives of any logistics operation is the cost reduction. But to simply cut costs for better prices in the BIDs, have a direct impact on the quality. And if on one hand the importers and exporters need to reduce their costs, in the other it is equally essential to make themselves more competitive. And this implies to reach the maximum quality.

The solution for this paradox lies in reducing costs, but in a smart way. In this sense, the impact of an integrated and optimized management is much bigger than simply to negotiate price.

The experience of Tito in countless cases shows the process change bring bigger and more consistent results to the Opex, and most of the time have a positive impact in the quality. The deadlines are reduced, the time spent by the professionals in the management is lower, and the freight cargo drops not because of negotiation but also thanks to the managing.

This is the new Tito’s proposal to the market, with the concept of Smart Modal Logistics:

To combine 84 years of accumulated experience under the same management, in different disciplines, encompassing operation in every modals, customs and tax management, along with IT tools for tracking and process analysis. A proposal that matches with what the market searches.

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